Ted Manley Presents at ARDA World

J. Megan Spanner    April 12, 2019

On April 9 and 10, partner Ted Manley was a featured presenter at ARDA World, the American Resort Development Association’s annual convention.  Diving deep into the topic of artificial intelligence, Ted spoke about the impact of AI and how professionals in all spheres- legal, medical, financial and industrial- will do their jobs differently in the coming years.

Ted spoke about the work of Richard Susskind, a talented lawyer, philosopher and technologist whose work has influenced the way MDK shaped its practice.   Susskind writes “the practice of law is very likely to change more in twenty years than in the last two hundred” due to automated document assembly, electronic legal marketplaces, legal open-sourcing and embedded legal knowledge.  Individually, Ted explained, these existing and emerging systems will challenge the way certain legal services are delivered.  Collectively, they will transform the entire legal landscape and render daily tasks performed at all levels of the org chart obsolete.

While the scope of the professions will undergo a substantial change due to the rise of AI, Ted imbued his commentary with a message of excitement about the possibilities that lie ahead.  Removing prosaic tasks from one’s routine opens up opportunities for creativity and innovation; embracing legal tech leads to efficiency and collaboration.  Closing his presentation with these remarks, Ted’s message was one of high hope.

Thank you to the American Resort Development Association for the opportunity to share MDK’s perspective on technology in the legal workplace.

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