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Manley Deas Kochalski    October 20, 2021

At MDK, we create uncommon paths to success for our clients and ourselves. 

MDK combines the spirit of a startup and the sophistication of a best-in-class corporation with the legal expertise of a boutique law firm. For nearly 20 years, Fortune 50 companies have trusted thousands of legal matters in our hands.  

These accomplishments would not be possible without our attorneys who lead in the courts and at our firm. Many joined MDK in the beginning of their career and we could not be more proud that they continue to choose MDK when they have so many options available to them.  

Earlier this year, we worked with our practice leaders and Amy Vallance, Director of Human Resources, to create a broader range of opportunities that will allow members of our attorney group to expand the scope of their responsibilities and add management experience in addition to their legal work.  

To that end, we are happy to introduce additional positions available for consideration to MDK attorneys: Director, Managing Attorney, and Senior Attorney.  

Our former Managing Attorneys received Director Titles to signify their contribution and responsibility for implementing a holistic management approach, ensuring the successful execution of MDK’s strategic goals and support for MDK’s Mission. Please join us in celebrating our Practice Leaders! 

  • Valerie Brown: Director, Florida Practice Group 
  • Ted Cahill: Director, Bankruptcy Practice Group 
  • Matt Curry: Director, Ohio & Kentucky Practice Group 
  • Scott Dietterick: Director, Pennsylvania Practice Group 
  • Keith Levy: Director, Illinois Practice Group 
  • Stephanie Reinhart-Rock: Director, Indiana Practice Group 

MDK’s Managing Attorney title received an update in both definition and meaning to the firm. Going forward multiple attorneys within the same Practice will be able to hold this title. MDK will benefit from their engagement in managing client portfolios and overseeing certain areas of our state practices.  

Additionally, we created a Senior Attorney Role. The Senior Attorney Role is extremely important to MDK as we recognize that many of our attorneys can provide mentorship support to the new members of our attorney group. Thus, multiple attorneys within the same Practice will be able to hold this title. 

We have always believed that the people at MDK make all the difference in everything we do and everything we hope to achieve. These changes in the attorney organizational chart became possible only because so many demonstrated the highest level of expertise, dedication, and leadership in the past years.  Congratulations to all! 

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