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Theodore K. Manley    December 17, 2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

MDK is a law firm with a history of doing things differently, inspired by the idea that legal services can be provided both effectively and efficiently. Over the years, MDK has evolved and extended its reach into the areas of timeshare, auction sales, and staff augmentation services. The result is a professional law firm that is prepared to tackle our clients’ challenges and create new paths for success in an uncertain future. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered every aspect of life and the servicing industry is certainly no exception. Now more than ever, leadership in providing accessible and reliable legal services is critical in shaping the future of the servicing industry. As we collectively navigate this unique period in history, I am honored to share MDK’s new mission statement and collective values set forth by MDK’s Senior Management Team.

Our Mission

We create uncommon paths to success for our clients and ourselves. 

Our Values 

Respect– We foster a psychologically safe work environment for everyone and assume good intentions in all interactions.  

Creativity– We seek mastery of our existing methods to discover original and useful ways to approach our work.  

Engagement– We bring commitment, focus and urgency to each working day because we are at our best when we are facing challenges that others avoid.  

Collaboration– We share knowledge, include all perspectives, provide supportive feedback, and build off each other’s skills as a team.  

Advancement– We are future-focused and optimistic about change, striving to find simpler, more efficient solutions to legal problems to further the goals of our clients and our people. 

This updated mission statement and values will broadly chart the future of our company while affirming our heritage as a catalyst in the careers of our employees and our successful client partnerships. I am honored to have worked with our senior management team to bring forth this evolved mission that will guide our decisions for years to come.

Aligned in a common mission and committed to a shared set of values, the conditions are set to design a strategic plan that will position MDK for success through this uncertain period and emerge stronger in the years that lie ahead. Now, the firm’s leadership embarks on a dynamic strategic planning process appropriate to the challenges of a dynamic period for the servicing industry.

The 2022-2025 MDK Strategic Plan will shape our path forward to pursue the most urgent needs and greatest challenges on the horizon for the servicing industry. We continue to work on a plan that will set a course for each dimension of our firm by setting forth aspirational, yet realistic, vision statements, which will be supported by specific objectives to be completed over the next three years. It is a smart design that provides flexibility, transparency, and measured progress toward goals. 

To move this plan forward, we will need our clients help. We will need to further strengthen our dialogue and collaboration to ensure a deep understanding of their business goals and expected challenges. We remain committed to creating an exceptional MDK experience for our clients and our employees. We will seek partnerships with others who share our vision for the future. 

To our business partners, thank you for your continued dedication and collaboration as we further our mission of creating uncommon paths to success for our clients and ourselves.  

Warm regards,
Ted Manley

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