Meet MDK’s Managers: Brittany Kelly

Brittany Kelly    August 4, 2022

My name is Brittany Kelly and I am the operations manager for our Sale department. Our team is responsible for ensuring the property in a foreclosure action is sold at public auction. Much of our work is time sensitive and high liability due to strict pre-sale deadlines and ensuring our client is bidding the correct amount at the sale. Our work at the sale stage is somewhat different than other foreclosure teams throughout the firm because the sale process can be stopped and restarted many times before the property is finally sold. This can result in our team working on the sale process multiple times in one file.

Prior to working at MDK, I was a retail manager for several years. I really enjoyed the loss prevention work that was associated with retail, so much so that I was on a first name basis with the OSU police for frequently catching shoplifters. Once I learned of my passion for loss prevention, I started looking for jobs in the legal field, which is what ultimately led me to MDK.

I started at MDK in 2011 as a Client Reporting Specialist. I really enjoyed my time in this role as it exposed me to many different departments in the firm. In 2015, I briefly worked as an assistant manager of the Second Shift department before moving to an assistant manager position in the Sale department. In May of 2022, I accepted the Operations Manager position of the Sale department. I believe my work in Client Reporting has assisted in my ability to help our department understand how other departments function in relation to ours. The knowledge I gained in working with client systems has also greatly assisted our sale team.

This will be my 11th year with the firm and I am looking forward to growing in my new role as an Operations Manager and assisting my department in their own career paths at the firm.

I feel very fortunate to have received an opportunity to work for MDK many years ago and feel great appreciation for the many wonderful relationships that I have gained through the firm over the years.

Outside of work, I enjoy meeting celebrities, collecting Funko Pops, and spending time with my many pets. I have been a crazy cat lady since I was very young and my current herd often (always?) make appearances on zoom calls. I also run a sugar cookie business called Sliced & Iced. You can find my latest creations on Instagram @SlicednIced or on Facebook by searching “Sliced & Iced”. My love for baking began with Cupcakes and “friendly” competition between my sister and I as to who could create the best looking baked good. All these years later I’ve found that sugar cookies are my forte.

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