January 14, 2022

Meet MDK's Managers: Elliott Bonnie

I am the Manager of the Document Automation team at MDK. Me and two of my teammates are responsible for document template creation and updates with the end goal of optimizing MDK user experience.  

In 2005, right after I graduated from college I started as a legal assistant in the Sale Department at MDK. I quickly moved to specializing in pending foreclosures and later complaint preparation. In 2011, I was given the opportunity to join the IT department as a document automation specialist, a role unlike my previous positions before. There I found a previously unknown passion of mine: logic-based systems.  

Once I discovered the way the rules of a software system can be manipulated, I was hooked. I love the challenge of being creative within the confines of a set structure. I am most proud of my role in creating template sets for new lines of business and working to meet the needs of our company that are always growing and changing.  

At work and in my everyday life, I value respect because it helps people to feel safe to share their opinions. I enjoy collaboration because listening to other people's perspectives can change your own view of a situation. I also value a creative approach to problem solving because sometimes a crazy idea can spark the discovery of a solution that seemed impossible to start with.  

Outside of work I love to spend time biking and hiking with my wife and son. I attended Ohio University in Athens and southern Ohio is one of my favorite places to explore. If we are not outside, we can be found watching Formula One racing or a wide variety of films and television.  


Ohio University, BA in Sociology and Criminology

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