March 21, 2022

Meet MDK's Managers: Kelly Breckner

My name is Kelly L. Breckner and I help manage the Title and Complaint departments here at MDK. I graduated from Otterbein University in 2001 and planned to eventually go to law school. A friend had just started working at a law firm that handled some foreclosure work, and was able to get me a job there. Over the span of a few years, most of our colleagues left to join another firm – Manley Deas Kochalski – and they raved about it. I was able to get a position with MDK in November 2005, joining a team that focused on Cuyahoga County judgments.  

What first struck me about working at MDK was how difficult Cuyahoga County was to operate in, but also how rewarding the job could be. Unlike some of my prior jobs, MDK cared about the process and about making efficient improvements. There was a competitive ethos around the firm that we could be the best in the business. That initial culture and fresh perspective on work in the legal filed is what kept me at MDK.

Over time, I gravitated to handling litigated cases for the Northeast Ohio Attorney Group, and eventually went on to serve as a legal specialist for the Litigation Group. In 2014, I became the assistant manager for our Client Reporting team, and in 2015 I became the operations manager for our Complaint Department.  

What I enjoy most about managing here at MDK is the people. I really enjoy getting to know new employees and helping to guide their experience here at the firm. I feel blessed to work alongside so many talented colleagues, and they push me to be a better leader and person every day. I think the firm still does a good job of keeping that competitive spirit and innovative thought. It is energizing and makes work feel rewarding.  

Outside of MDK, I enjoy spending time with my family. This mostly includes wrestling with the kids, playing video games, and adventuring in Ohio’s many metro parks. I also love to play basketball, practice yoga and tend to my flower garden in my downtime.

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