May 25, 2022

Meet MDK's Managers: Beth Nieman

I began my career at MDK in 2006, fresh off a stint as a dental assistant. Back then I was the only person handling any assignment requests needed for a file – they were not required for most filings as they are now – so I spent a lot of time explaining myself as to why I was asking for these things, as well as telling Matt Curry that no, we had not received the documents he needed yet.

Fast forward a bit and the crisis of 2008 hit. Documentation became a requirement across the board, and the amount of work skyrocketed (there were 2 or 3 of us at the time). The group grew, I became an Assistant Manager, and we changed departments several times, moving closer and closer to the beginning of the foreclosure process until it was determined that this process was big enough to stand on its own, and they took a chance on me to manage the newly created Original Documents department.  

At first, I managed two groups, the group that obtained assignments and allonges/indorsements, as well as the affidavit team, which I had no real knowledge of going into – big shoutout to Mike Egnot for essentially teaching his boss the basics! Thanks to the fallout of robosigning, there was no shortage of challenges to work through, and the amount of work required of that group exploded as well (we hired a lot of folks at once and had employees sharing desks at one point - that was a real test of mental strength). Eventually affidavits moved back to Judgment and new tasks entered our department – we added in the responsibilities of the Document Custodian, obtaining approved legal descriptions, as well as the document redaction team.  

While I loved my time in Operations (and do miss it from time to time), in 2017 I had the opportunity to apply for an open spot in RMBD. It was ‘a step down’ to many, but my dreams in life had been centered around promotions and marketing, and with my entire MDK career to date being very client facing, I was uniquely positioned to be a bridge between the worlds of operations and client relationships. I started off with a handful of clients to work with, and as time progressed, my group of clients and responsibilities grew…and now I am back in management on the client relationship and marketing side.  

When I’m not working, I can usually be found either at Orangetheory, listening to murder podcasts or playing Animal Crossing, but I also enjoy cooking, reading, football, theatre, watching Housewives, and building LEGO sets (my husband wants to start filming our builds and putting them on his YouTube channel – we’re nerds). We also love to travel – back when that was a thing – and being at the beck and call of our cat, Pepper Potts.

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