June 10, 2022

Meet MDK's Managers: Stephanie Shipley Snyder

I am the Manager of the Asset Recovery Department at MDK.  Asset Recovery handles the Eviction process by obtaining documentation, preparing legal documents, and working with our clients, courts, and county sheriffs so our clients can market the property after the foreclosure sale.

Prior to MDK, I worked in retail while attending school and gravitated toward leadership roles and taking on new responsibilities. During paralegal school, I asked what law firms thought about someone with supervisory experience.  Their answer was essentially was that it did not matter to them.  Due to this, I thought that law firms did not necessarily value backgrounds from outside the legal field, especially prior leadership experience.

I joined MDK in 2011 and the transition to MDK, and to an office environment, was a big change in my life.  Prior to staring at MDK, I thought it would be a great way to get legal experience prior to moving into another area of law I would be passionate about.  I saw opportunities for professional growth when I saw managers and assistant managers who had started as legal assistants and paralegals. I knew MDK was different from the way law firms were described in paralegal school and that it was going to be a long-term fit. The people, the culture, and room for growth were all things I did not expect when I took the job at MDK.

Throughout my career at MDK, I have learned so much from each of my roles, managers, and team members.  She likes to be challenged, learn new things, solve problems, and improve processes, and has had amazing managers who have helped facilitate this for her at MDK in a variety of ways.  As a manager, Stephanie is passionate about learning what drives her employees and co-workers to help them achieve their goals and to learn how to work best as a team.

Outside of work, she stays busy spending time with family, binge watching her favorite shows, athletic endeavors, and other hobbies. Stephanie is thankful for her husband, who is patient and supportive of her pursuit of sport and being an all-around busy person.  They have two dogs, who are a popular background fixture in Zoom meetings. Stephanie also enjoys running and training for distance races from 5Ks to marathons, but her primary passion is Australian Football (“footy”).  She loves the physical challenge of the sport, traveling to tournaments, and the friendships with her teammates.

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