July 8, 2022

Meet MDK's Managers: Amy Henderson

My name is Amy Henderson and, as Operations Manager, I oversee the Service and Field Service departments at MDK. Our Service Team works closely with First Legal and conducts all of the research necessary to identify and locate all parties named in the legal action. We work with attorneys and private process servers, as well as the Clerk of Courts and Sheriff in the jurisdictions in which MDK operates, to ensure service is perfected in accordance with the Civil Rules of Service of Process. On our Field Service Team, we have Field Service Representatives as well as vendors serving legal documents throughout the United States.

Prior to MDK, I was a Supervisor at Westwood Country Club in Rocky River, Ohio. This was my first experience in a supervisory role and from there my passion for leadership grew. In 2011, after earning my BA in Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies, I joined the team at MDK in order to gain experience in the legal field. After spending a little over a year in Service as a Legal Assistant, I was able to move into a new role where I could utilize my past leadership experience together with my recent experience as a Legal Assistant. While Westwood Country Club and MDK are very different industries, there are a lot of similarities in my experience with each from which I was able to pull, including building relationships, working together as a team in order to accomplish a goal, working to exceed the client’s expectations, problem-solving, and meeting sensitive deadlines.

I was initially drawn to MDK by the people and the values on which the firm stands. When I first started, I was awed by the hard work, dedication, and innovative thought of all of my colleagues and I am still in awe today. The firm’s forward thinking approach towards creating uncommon paths continues to keep me motivated. One of the roles that I find most fulfilling is when I am able to collaborate and work with others in order to streamline and create new, efficient processes that will not only benefit our department and team, but also our clients and the firm as well. I enjoy all of the aspects of daily operations from customer service and working to provide the best product for our clients to working with the team to solve complex problems and meet our goals. Additionally, as a manager, I thrive on building relationships with my team, being an advocate for their professional development, and a resource they can turn to. I’m grateful each day for the opportunity to work with such a talented, hard-working group that continues to set the bar high.

Outside of work, my two children, James and Stella, keep me busy. My husband, Kip, coaches James’ baseball team so we spend many of our evenings at the baseball fields. Aside from keeping up with all of the kid’s activities, I love spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy party planning so I’m always brainstorming ideas for birthday parties and holidays in my free time. My family and I love the ocean, so our annual summer vacation is one thing we look forward to every year.

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