June 3, 2022

Meet MDK's Managers: Sean Barnet

I am proud to be the manager of the Original Documents Department which is comprised of multiple teams designed to help not only the client but the firm itself. We strive to quickly and accurately provide allonges, assignments, redactions, and original documents to any party that requests them.

A friend from paralegal school mentioned that a law firm was hiring entry level legal assistants.  Though I was underqualified for the position (my prior jobs were server at Max & Ermas and a “Salad Technician” at Panera), I was hoping they would take a chance on me. Luckily, in 2008, Manley Deas was expanding rapidly and allowed me to join the Judgment Department.  

What struck me about MDK was how fast-paced it was. I enjoyed how quickly the industry could change and the expectation that we, as a firm, would change with it. MDK also rewarded hard work which is why instead of leaving this job after two years (which is what I told myself when I started), I am now on my fourteenth year with the firm. During that time I have worked as a Legal Assistant, Paralegal, Team Lead, Assistant Manager in both the Judgment Department and Original Documents Department and finally Operations Manager. I think it’s fair to say I grew up in MDK.

Managers like Alexis Urquhart and later Nora Breckner in the Judgment Department taught me what a successfully run department looked like: a group of hardworking people, aligned in the goal of delivering quality work product in a timely manner. The respect they showed their employees, along with asking for achievable benchmarks and guidelines, made my work-life enjoyable. It was while watching them run their departments that I realized that I wanted to become a manager and hopefully create a similar atmosphere with my own department.   A common theme at MDK is mutual respect, from the attorneys down to the legal assistants. I would like to think that this theme connects everyone within the Original Documents department and the firm as a whole, no matter the task or line of business in which we operate.  

Outside of work, I enjoy camping, traveling with my wife, Lesley, watching any movie ever made and dressing my dog, Murray, in numerous, humiliating outfits. The picture of me, Brian Deas, and Tyler Collen was taken at the firm’s 2008 Holiday Party held in a museum, I believe. Tyler and I worked in the Judgment Department during that time and decided, after having some holiday drinks, to take a picture with the partner.  It was a good decision and we look great.

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